Reasons for use

  • Create web sites easily with all the conveniences of other iLife applications.
  • Include many elements such as photos, videos, audio, blogs, and more.
  • Teacher Webpage with information for students and parents (contact info, homework, important links, class documents, etc)
  • A different way to do a "slideshow" or any type of presentation.
  • Synthesizing information taught in class, read from the textbook, researched online, gathered personally, etc.
  • Independent reading projects / book reports.
  • Present information with real world images and music to make it more relevant and authentic.
  • Digital storytelling.

Ease of use

  • Once the user learns the basics of adding new pages and elements, VERY easy.
  • Drag and drop convenience.
  • Easy to publish with either a MobileMe account or FTP.
  • All teachers in WSD can publish to our TeacherPages server FOR FREE - no need for a MobileMe account! Follow the directions linked below!


Getting Started with iWeb '09 Video

Tech Tips with Dianne iWeb Intro and Overview




Middle School

High School

Do you have more iWeb examples? Please send them to Dianne Krause.
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