What is a Wiki?

Watch this short video, "Wikis in Plain English", for a quick and amusing explanation:

Reasons for use

Wikis are collaborative online environments in which users can publish writing as well as add elements to their pages such as images, videos, slide shows, polls, audio, and thousands of other widgets available online. In addition to merely collaborating on publishing documents, users can discuss the pages on the discussion tab forums. Also, all past edits can be tracked and users can revert back to past edits.

Ease of use

Fairly easy after a short tutorial. Editing is very similar to Microsoft Word and adding elements is as simple as a few clicks.


Working with Wikispaces
View this presentation to learn how to get started with wikispaces.

Wikispaces Tutorial
View this presentation for a comprehensive tutorial of Wikispaces. It is very informative and easy to follow. A must-read if you are working with wikispaces!
Wikispaces Tutorial UPDATED
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: wikis wikispaces)

Wikispace Basics

Helpful Links

How to Add Images and Files:

How to Embed Widgets:


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