Recording Audio & Video

Reasons for use

  • Students record practically anything and turn in to teacher for assessment. ex: world language, reading summary, current event, explanation of math problem, science experiment results, use of vocabulary in speech, etc.
  • Teachers record for students to hear. ex: stories read aloud, explanations for problems, sounds of letters and words, etc.
  • Uses the tools of today (computers, microphone, internet) to creatively assess students.
  • Make your content portable by creating MP3s that students (and teachers!) can listen to on the go.

Ease of use

  • Ease varies by tool used, but most tools have step-by-step directions or users guides.
  • Most tools require a microphone, but some allow for recording via cell phone.


MS Word for Mac
  • Click image to see it full size and learn how to record in Microsoft Word.
Microsoft Word
Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!

Garage Band

  • a free application that users download and install on their computers
  • Mac and Windows compatible
  • record live audio
  • edit previously-recorded audio
  • many export options, including MP3
  • Learn more about it HERE

  • go to the website to record
  • record with microphone on computer
  • send via email from the site
  • share with unique web address or embed on websites

Audio Dropbox
  • teachers create an account and dropboxes for recordings
  • embed drop boxes into your website, blog, moodle course, etc.
  • students go to your site to record
  • record with microphone on computer
  • automatically "drops" into the box
  • teachers log in to their accounts to listen to recordings
  • Click HERE to learn how to set up and use Audio Dropbox
  • example:

Whatever you record in here will be
heard by Dianne Krause only -
feel free to play around with it
and leave messages!

  • teachers create accounts and set up "channels" for their classes
  • unique channel number and password are generated
  • teachers share the channel number and password with their students
  • students call a toll-free number and record via phone
  • teachers log in to their accounts at gabcast to listen to recordings

  • A FUN way to do audio recordings!
  • Upload an image, "cut" out the mouth, and record
  • record with microphone or telephone
  • share via email, web link, or embed into a website, wiki, blog, moodle, etc.
  • example: Polar Bear rapping "Ice, Ice Baby"

  • "Your voice is unique and personal…just like your stories. Use Yodio to add your stories to your photos or presentations, and share these narrated photos with your friends and colleagues."
  • Free to use, record, and share.
  • Use a cell phone to call in your recordings, upload an audio file or use one of their stock recordings.
  • Record as many tracks as you'd like and attach them to as many photos as you'd like.
  • Great for narrated slideshows!
  • Share via email, web link, or embed into a website, wiki, blog, moodle, etc.
  • Example:

Video & Audio


Voice Thread
  • upload images, documents, presentations, movies, etc and leave audio or video comments
  • audio recordings can be done by microphone or telephone
  • video recordings require a webcam and microphone
  • for more info, check out the Voice Thread eToolBox page
  • record up to 30 seconds of video (and audio)
  • a unique web address is created for the video that can be shared via email, moodle, class website, etc
  • users must have a webcam and microphone
  • users create "shows" in which to broadcast live tv
  • shows can be recorded and played later
  • must have a webcam and microphone
  • can share via web link or embed into website
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