Online Databases

Reasons for use

  • trusted, secure, safe, and educational resources for research, lessons and projects
  • created explicitly for school and students
  • easily searchable and usable resources

Ease of use

  • Very easy, created with teachers and students in mind.


The following resources are available for Wissahickon teachers, students, and families. For more information about these resources, please contact your school's librarian.

  • ACCESS PA: Statewide Library Catalog. Locate materials for Interlibrary Loan
  • AMERICAN GOVERNMENT: daily political news, court cases, events, policy & people
  • BIGCHALK LIBRARY: magazine database, History Study Center & Proquest Learning: Literature
  • FACTS.COM: including World News Digest, Issues & Controversies, Today's Science and The World Almanac
  • POWER LIBRARY: collection of resources for a variety of resources
  • GALENET: including Literature Resource Center, Biography Resource Center, History Resource Center & Scribner Writers Series
  • SIRS KNOWLEDGE SOURCE: including SIRS Researcher, SIRS Government Reporter, SIRS Renaissance & SIRS Decades
  • WORLD AND I ONLINE: global culture resource and weekly ESL program
  • WORLDBOOK ONLINE: encyclopedia
  • WORLD HISTORY: modern era

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