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What is Moodle?

Check out this video for a quick explanation of Moodle.

Check out this video that uses Lego to explain Moodle.

Reasons for use

The moodle is an online learning environment and course management system that can be used for:
  • class calendars
  • distribution of course materials
  • easy access for links and other resources
  • electronic uploading of assignments
  • online discussion boards
  • online quizzes
  • online assignments
  • online databases
  • questionnaires/surveys
  • wikis
  • blogs
  • chat

Ease of use

  • For Teachers: Fairly high learning curve but once the user gets the basics, it all seems the same
  • For Students: Easy to access, find materials and upload work


If you are a Wissahickon teacher and you do not yet have a Moodle course, please email Dianne Krause so that she can set up a course for you. Then you can proceed with the tutorials...

(Created by Jennifer Palubinski - thanks Jenn!!)

Video: How to edit an online course in Moodle


Video Tutorials

Print Tutorials


The following are well-put together moodle courses from WSD this year. For more examples just explore the Moodle - you'll find many more!

If you would like to set up your own Moodle course or have questions about Moodle, please contact Dianne Krause.
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