Microsoft Live@Edu
Microsoft Live@Edu is current in a pilot at WSD. If you are interested in joining the Pilot, please contact Dianne Krause

What is a MS Live@Edu?


Reasons for use

  • SkyDrive - Storage "in the cloud" - Storage space online for teachers and students. No more need for flash drives or other means of digital storage.
  • Outlook Live - Email accounts for students - all students now have WSD provided email accounts, so communication between students/teachers has never been easier.
  • Outlook Calendars - Use Outlook on your computer to create class calendars that you can publish online for your students to access. Great for homework assignments, important due dates, quizzes & tests, etc.
  • MS Live Web Apps - Access to the Office Suite online! Even if you do not have MS Office on your home computer, you now have access to it online. If you do have MS Office installed, you have the choice to edit with the online editor or in the program itself.
  • Windows Messenger - Communicate and collaborate with students and colleagues through text, audio and/or video with Messenger online or through the stand-alone app.
  • Collaborate and share documents easily with other teachers and students of WSD.

Ease of use

  • Once your account is established, very easy to use from both the teacher and student standpoint.
  • Edit documents online or in the Office programs installed on your computer.
  • WSD provided email addresses make it easy to communicate, share and collaborate with students.
  • Can be used with any device that can connect to the Internet - computers, smart phones, tablet PCs.


MS Live@edu Resources & Training

Getting Started Presentations
The files linked below are meant to be self-led tutorials for the various aspects of Live. Check them out to learn even more about the features of MS Live.
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