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This page contains helpful guidelines, student resources, documents and best practices for the use of MacBook carts with students.

Guidelines & Procedures

  • MacBook Carts: General Procedures and Guidelines for Teachers
  • Computer Record - For each class, a record of the kids who use each computer in the cart. This should be filled out by every teacher using the cart, with every student who is using the cart.
  • Cart Record - At-a-glace record of all kids who use a cart daily. This can be used in addition to the Computer Record.
  • Laptop Cart Sign-Out Form - For shared carts, this should be filled out each time the cart goes to a new location. The Point Person for each cart should initial when the carts are returned to indicate that it was returned OK.
  • Incident Report - Should be printed and kept with each cart's binder/folder. Fill out each and every time there is an issue with a MacBook.
  • Track It! - Use Track IT to report any damaged computers, software problems, or missing MacBooks.

Resources for Students

Best Practices

Classroom Management

Teaching with Technology


Why Teaching Needs to Change

Tools and Resources to Help

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