Inspiration & Kidspiration

Reasons for use

  • graphic organizer / mind-mapping / webbing tool to help students and teachers plan, organize, and communicate information visually.
  • complete with thousands of images and hundreds of templates.
  • instantly take notes visually with rapid-fire feature
  • Kidspiration - Grades K-6
  • Inspiration - Grades 6 and up

Ease of use

  • Very easy for both teachers and students to use.
  • Drag and drop convenience for images, design elements, lines, shapes, and links
  • Switch between graphic and outline view with the click of a button



Inspiration - "The essential tool to visualize, think, organize and learn"
  • Inspiration Quick Tour - Comprehensive video tutorial illustrating the key features of Inspiration. A "Must See" for all new users of Inspiration.
  • Inspiration Quick Start Tutorial- Step-by-step instructions organized into mini-lessons designed to get you started using Inspiration.
  • Inspiration Basics - Comprehensive PDF document that outlines the basics of Inspiration.
  • Inspiration Web Site - Overview of software, educator resources, examples, lesson plan integration, and more.
  • More resources and video tutorials are available once you open the program. Click the button that looks like the image to the right to access them.

Kidspiration - "The visual way to explore and understand words, numbers and concepts"


The links in the below provide resources for Inspiration and Kidspiration, but also Web 2.0 tools for online, collaborative mind mapping.

Diannekrause's Favorite Links on inspiration from Diigo
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