Creating and Using Google Earth Tours
One of the best features of Google Earth is the ability to create your own tours that can either be presented step-by-step or can be recorded with voice narration as a self-playing movie. You have total control of where the points are and at the zoom depth and angle you would like your viewers to see. You also have the ability to customize the "bubble" that opens up when you click on your points. Check out the helpful resources below to learn more about how to both create your own tours and how to use and add elements to tours that are already created.

How to Make and Edit Tours

Video: Creating Tours in Google Earth

Video: Adding Placemarks in Google Earth

Video: Recording a Narrated Tour

Video: How to Annotate Google Earth

How to Use Tours

  • Touring Places - How to play a tour from selected places or from a folder (most pre-made tours are in folders).

Video: How to Open, Play, Edit, and Save a Google Earth Tour

Pre-Made Tour Resources

  • Google Earth Tours - A huge collection of pre-made tours that can be browsed by categories or searched. A great place to start!
  • Google Lit Trips - Follow the journey of characters and stories in this collection of tours based on famous literary works for all grade levels.
  • Google Touring - Another site full of Google Earth tours. You can even submit your own to the website owner!
  • World History Tours - Tours created by teachers and students for famous historical events.
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