Garage Band

Reasons for use

  • Create your own music with built-in instruments, jingles, sound effects, and tracks.
  • Create your own podcasts with voice, music, jingles, sound effects and images.
  • Use the built-in piano to practice keyboarding, scales, and chords.
  • A different way to do a "report" or presentation.
  • Synthesizing information taught in class, read from the textbook, researched online, gathered personally, etc. in a different way.
  • Independent reading projects / book reports.
  • Present information with real world images and music to make it more relevant and authentic.
  • Digital storytelling.

Ease of use

  • Once the user learns the basics of recording, adding new tracks, and editing, fairly easy.
  • Drag and drop convenience.
  • Use "GarageBand Magic" to easily create full-band songs - different genres to choose from.
  • Publish straight to iTunes and play instantly.


GarageBand Tutorial Video (the first of the series - more on YouTube)

Creating a Podcast with Garage Band


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