Digital Portfolios

Reasons for use

  • Just like any portfolio, serves as a collection of students' work done throughout the year.
  • Shows academic and technological growth throughout the duration of the portfolio.
  • Creating the portfolio online creates a larger audience for the students, which results in higher motivation.
  • The use of real-world tools and resources demonstrates relevance and results in authentic and meaningful projects.
  • A vast variety of applications, tools and resources are available for the creation of unique and creative portfolios.
  • In addition to learning academic content, students are learning how to use multimedia and web 2.0 tools.


The following applications can be used to create portfolios and/or elements for portfolios:

Online Resources

Sites to use to build portfolios:

Resources and Tools to "Spiff Up" your Porfolios:
There are many Web 2.0 sites through which you can create a vast variety of content including slide shows, time lines, videos, images, song players, and more. Check out the resources below for lists of these types of tools.

More Digital Porfolio Resources
The links in the box below provide resources for digital and electronic portfolios. Click each item to open up a list of resources. Click the small blue arrows to connect to each resource.

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