Technology Tools and Resources for Differentiation in a Flipped Classroom


There are an abundance of tools and resources available to teachers and students that can be used in efficient and meaningful ways in a flipped classroom.
This workshop will provide an introduction to several of these tools with time to learn, experiment, and share.

Let's get started!

"Do Now!" - Intro Survey

Let's get started with one of the best tools to gather information from anyone, for free - a Google Form:


Click HERE to access the PowerPoint presentation.

Ice Breaker - Backchannel

Click the image below and enter in your name, where you are from, one thing you hope to learn from this workshop.

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Tools & Resources

Explore, experiment, learn and share with the tools and resources below. You have about 25 minutes! GO!

Google Forms
  • Learn:
  • Practice - Create your own Google Form for your class. Some ideas for use:
    • Answering questions about the video/presentation/reading they completed for homework
    • Do now / pre-test at the start of the period to gauge understanding from homework
    • Formative assessment at any time during instruction to measure understanding
    • Closure at the end of a class period

Today's Meet/Backchanneling

Padlet (Formerly Wallwisher)


Collaborative Documents



Social Media/Twitter

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