Meet your Dell
Dell Latitude E5520
Note:Tutorials below have been created with Office 2010 but MANY steps are the same in Office 2013!

Windows 7

  1. The first thing you will want to do is check out this video: Getting Around the Windows Desktop
  2. Then, check out this video about Finding your Files:
  3. Next, be sure to check out the Explore Windows 7 page to learn more about the features of Windows 7.
  4. For more information, tutorials and help, check out the Windows 7 eToolbox page.

Other Windows 7 notes:
  • To see which programs you have on your computer, click the Start Button in the bottom-left hand corner of your screen and select "All Programs".
  • Use the search box to search for anything on your computer, just like you used the Spotlight tool on your MacBook.
  • Your files and documents can be accessed several ways - File folders icon on task bar, your name through the Start menu, or Documents through the Start menu.


To change your desktop image, theme, screensaver, etc., right-click on the desktop and select "Personalize" or view the tutorial video below to learn how!

You can also add gadgets to your desktop. Check out the video below to learn how.


Outlook is the program you will use for your email. To access it, click the Start button and type "Outlook" in the search box.

Tutorial Videos:

For more information about Outlook, check out the Outlook eToolbox Page

Files and Documents

  • All your files/documents are now automatically synced, so you no longer need to manually sync.
  • To get to your file system/documents, click the icon that looks like folders from your task bar, click your name from the start menu, or click "Documents" from start menu.
  • Your "My Documents" folder SHOULD have the green sync icon and the bottom of your screen should say that it is "Always Available" and "Online" like the image below:


Internet Browsers

  • Internet Explorer should now be your default browser.
    • All bookmarks in Internet Explorer will be backed up and synced.
    • Any Windows computer you log into will have your bookmarks in IE.
  • Firefox will still need to be used for the following:
    • Moodle
    • Wikispaces
    • Sapphire
    • Most Web 2.0 creation tools.
  • How to Organize Bookmarks Internet Explorer:
    1. Click "Favorites" from the top menu (If you do not see your top menu, click the "Alt" key).
    2. Select "Organize Favorites".
  • How to Organize Bookmarks in Firefox:
    1. Click the button that says "Bookmarks" on the top-right.
    2. Select "Show All Bookmarks".


  • Lync is VERY similar to Skype in that you can send instant messages, make audio & video calls, send files and share your screen.
  • It is directly tied into our email system so it "talks" directly to your Outlook calendar and contacts.
  • You will automatically be logged into Lync when you receive your Dell and it will load up each time you log into your computer.
  • You may add any WSD employee who is on Lync as a contact and you may use this to instant message and do audio/video calls.
  • Right now, Lync only works within the district network.
  • For more information about Lync, check out the Lync webpage

General Notes

  • You should be shutting down your computer at the end of each work day before you put it in your bag.
  • If you do not shut down, you may experience problems with your computer as you move back and forth between school and home.
  • Please RESTART your computer when you are experiencing problems before putting a Track-It ticket in.



What are the keyboard shortcuts on a PC?
  • Most of the shortcuts you used on the Mac with the Command/Apple key can be completed on a PC with the Control key (ex: Control + C= Copy, Control +V = Paste, etc.) Check out this link for many shortcuts!

How do I add Printers?

How do I send a locked print job from my PC to the Ricoh Copiers?

How do I create foreign accents?
What should I do if my track pad isn't working?
  • Make sure you didn't disable it! Hold down the Function key and hit F5 to enable it again.

How do I adjust the sensitivity and/or change the settings for my track pad/buttons?
  1. Click the Start button
  2. Select "Control Panel"
  3. Select "Hardware and Sound"
  4. Select "Dell Touchpad"
  5. Adjust settings to your liking and then save

How do I take a screen shot?

There are 2 different ways to take a screen-shot:

Using Windows Flag + S
(Great for putting things directly into OneNote, but works for anything.)
  1. Hold down the Flag key and tap S.
  2. Click and drag over the area of your screen you’d like to capture.
  3. Either select the area of OneNote you would like to put the captured image or click “Copy to Clipboard”.
  4. Go to the program where you want the image to go and paste it in.

Using the Snipping Tool
  1. Click the Start button and search for “Snipping Tool”.
  2. Click “New”.
  3. Click and drag over the area of your screen you’d like to capture.
  4. Then a window will open with your captured image in it.
  5. From there you can save it (disk icon), copy it (papers icon), or annotate it with the highlighter or pen.
  6. If you want to print the screen capture, either save it and then open the saved image, or copy and paste into another program.

How do I take a picture with the webcam like Photobooth?
  • The program you will use to take photos with the webcam is called Dell Webcam Central. Search for it through the Start menu.

How do I connect to the Share Drive?
  1. Go into your file system by clicking either the file folders on your task bar, or clicking your name from the start menu.
  2. Click the ALT key to bring up the top menu bar.
  3. Click "Tools"
  4. Click "Map Network Drive".
  5. Choose "G:" as your drive letter
  6. In the "Folder" field, fill in the address for your share drive. All addresses begin with \\wsdfile1\ , then the name of your share (bb-share, hs-share, etc)
  7. Then click "Finish".

In the example below, I'm connecting to the Blue Bell share:


SMART Board & Projectors

Why is my light blinking green after re-image? Why can't I orient?
When you connect to the SMARTboard after the reimage, you will have a constant blinking green light, but you will still have some interactivity. If you try and orient, you will get an error message. To fix this, follow the steps below:
  • Search, find and open SMART Settings through the Start menu (Use to be called Control Panel)
  • Run the Connection Wizard in there to "reaquaint" your Dell and the SMARTboard
  • Just keep clicking 'Next' until it is done and the blinking stops

Moving forward, if you have a blinking green light, run this Connection Wizard again, and it should allow interactivity and everything else you are used to. When all else fails, restarting your computer with it plugged into the SMARTboard fixes the blinking light.

Why can't I write on my SMARTboard on PDFs, the Internet, etc?
  • You MUST always have the SMART Board Tools program running on the PC to be able to write on the board outside of Notebook.

What should the resolution be on my computer?
  • When you are not connected to the SMART board, you can set the resolution to whatever you prefer, but the max is 1920 x 1080, which is recommended.
  • When you are connected to the SMART board, you should most likely be set at 1280 x 960, depending on your board.

How do I import PDF, Word, PowerPoint into SMART Notebook?

How do I open multiple Notebook files?
  • In Windows, when you try to open an new Notebook file with File-> Open, it closes that file that is currently open. To open multiple Notebook files at once, right-click on the icon in the task bar for Notebook and run Notebook again.

How do I access the morning announcements?
  • Type http://wsdiptv in your browser to get the announcements. You may get a message to “allow access” – click and continue to select the wsd channel you need.

How do I extend and duplicate my display?
  • There are two different methods to change your projector settings when you are plugged into a projector or SMART Board:
    • Key combination - Windows Flag + P
    • Key combination - Alt + F8
  • Once you get the options, choose "Extend" to create an extension of your desktop to which you can move windows for students to see so that you can see different things on your laptop.
  • Choose "Duplicate" for the SMART Board to show exactly what is on your laptop screen.

How do I write and interact with my SMARTboard with Extended Desktop?
  1. You must be connected to a SMART Board to set this up.
  2. Click the SMART Board Tools Icon from your system tray (Small arrow on bottom-right of your taskbar) - If you don't see it there, then you need to run SMART Board Tools first!
  3. Select "Control Panel"
  4. Select "SMART Hardware Settings" from the left menu.
  5. Select "Arrange Video Output" from the drop-down menu.
  6. Check the box where it says "Orient multiple displays onto this SMART Board interactive whiteboard".
  7. Click Apply and OK.
  8. Go into Extended Desktop (Function F8, Extend) and slide a SMART Notebook window over to the SMARTboard.
  9. Change the resolution of your laptop screen and your projector both to 1280x960. (Right-click on Desktop, choose "Screen resolution", change it on the first display, click apply. Then drop-down the menu and choose your other display, change the resolution, click apply.)
  10. Orient the SMARTboard. It will bring up the orientation screen on your laptop screen.
  11. Tap the space bar to move the orientation to the SMARTboard Screen.
  12. Orient.
  13. You MUST Orient each time you switch back and forth between Extend and Duplicate.

  • It is not happy when you switch back and forth too much. When going from Extended back to Duplicate, you might have to orient more than one time for it to work.
  • Your resolution may not return to normal when you unplug from the SMARTboard the first time. You may need to go back and change it to the recommended settings. It should "stick" after you manually set it.

eToolbox Pages

Lync is VERY similar to Skype in that you can send instant messages, make audio & video calls, send files and share your screen.
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