Choosing the Right Tools

Have an idea of what you want to do, but not quite sure what program/website to use?
Are you unsure what tools and resources will fit your objectives and goals the best?
Consult the following chart to help you determine which tools or resources you can use for your lessons and projects. Each link takes you to a page in the eToolbox or to the resource itself.
For a GREAT website that does just this with Web 2.0 tools, visit Cool Tools for Schools.
I want to...
I want my students to...

We can use...

MS Office, Blogs, Wikis, Google Docs, Comic Life, Inspiration/Kidspiration, Ning,...

Comic Life, Blogs, VoiceThread, iMovie, GarageBand, Keynote, PowerPoint, Pixie, Digiital Scrapbooks, Perk Up Your Projects, Web 2.0 Tools-

Google Presentations, PowerPoint, iMovie, Keynote, GarageBand, Inspiration/Kidspiration, Digital Scrapbooks, Perk Up Your Projects...
make music

GarageBand, iMovie, Web 2.0 Tools, Recording ...
submit assignments online

Moodle, Google Docs, Wikispaces,
VoiceThread, Web 2.0 Tools, ...
bring the world into my classroom

Google Earth, Virtual Tours, Streaming Video, RSS, Video Conferencing, ...
make a website

Moodle, Wikispaces, Google Pages,,,, iWeb,
Blogs, Wikis, Digital Scrapbooks...

Wikis, Google Docs, VoiceThread, Ning, Skype, Digital Scrapbooks, ...
save & share resources

Diigo, Evernote, Zotero , ...
communicate online

Moodle, Blogs, Wikis, Ning, Skype, Video Conferencing, ...

Check out these images to see which tools, resources, activities and projects are appropriate for each level of Bloom's Taxonomy.


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