What is a Blog?

Watch this short video, "Blogs in Plain English", for a quick and amusing explanation:

Reasons for use

Blogs are websites in which users post their thoughts, writings, images, widgets, videos, and whatever else they would like to share with a global audience. Then, other users can view and comment on what the author posts. For educational purposes they can be used for:
  • writing - ANY aspect
  • character development
  • journaling
  • creative writing
  • current events
  • class updates/newsletter

Video: Why Let our Students Blog?

Ease of use

The ease of use is dependent on the site on which to host your blog. The two listed below are fairly easy to learn and navigate after taking some time to view the tutorials and set up your blog. Both sites come complete with many templates and widgets to choose from, making it very easy to customize the look and feel of your blog.

Supported Blogging Sites




Video: Getting Started with Blogger

Get Blogging with Blogger Presentation - feel free to use with students!!


Diannekrause's Favorite Links on blogs from Diigo


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